Under-reported Injuries in Charleston Workers’ Compensation Cases

Often, people may be inclined to deal with their own injuries instead of filing for workers’ compensation in Charleston. The injured worker may assume the injury is minor and will go away with time. Other times, the individual will not report the injury right away because they do not want to make waves with their employer and end up hurting their case, either by getting it barred or making it very difficult to get approved. because they did not give proper notice or they did not give it in a timely manner to document their claim.

An individual should never under-report their injuries in a workers’ compensation case because they may be entitled to monetary compensation. To help avoid this common mistake in Charleson workers’ compensation cases, an individual should consult with an attorney immediately.

Fear of Losing a Job

An individual may believe that their claim will be barred because they did not give proper notice or they did not give it in a timely manner to document their claim, however, this may not be true.

The other scenario is that even if the injury is something that is more substantial, many individuals fear that they may lose their job because they are filing a claim. Injured workers need to understand, however, that the second they are injured, the claim already exists.

There is nothing that is going to change about the relationship between the individual’s claim and the employer. The only thing that is going to change is whether or not a person gets the maximum benefits they are allowed under the law. One way to do this is to get professional, experienced workers’ compensation legal help to ensure that the injured party gets everything that they are entitled to.

The insurance company has a team consisting of an adjuster, nurse case manager, lawyer, private investigators, and other individuals that are going to be working to minimize the benefits to be paid in an injured worker’s claim. Therefore, it is important for the injured worker to have an experienced attorney working for them. A lawyer can prevent the person from under-reporting their injuries in their Charleston workers’ compensation case.

Hinder Success

The most popular reason that an individual under-reports their injuries in a Charleston workers’ compensation case is that they believe their injury is too minor to report and does not want to create tension between them and their employer.

However, if an employer fires somebody for filing a workers’ compensation claim, there is a separate cause of action for wrongful termination and most employers know this. Therefore, it is unlikely that an employer will risk a second lawsuit in addition to the workers’ compensation claim for a wrongful termination.

Many times, it is the fear of getting fired that prevents people from under-reporting these injuries, but it is important for people to understand that the law protects them from wrongful termination. By not reporting the accident or for under-reporting it and not talking about the severity of it, many times, a medical condition that could have been treated early on and healed properly could turn into a massive disability.

This may be because the injury was not treated aggressively and appropriately as soon as possible. Instead of recovering from it, the injury may become a lifelong debilitation. To avoid this, an individual should never under-report their injuries in a Charleston workers’ compensation case.

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