Client Advocate

At Howell & Christmas, LLC, our Charleston accident attorneys work hard to put our clients first.  That is why we have created a “Client Advocate” within our practice to add another layer of client service and protection to our clients.  Our law firm wants our clients to be heard when they have a problem or issue that needs to be addressed in their case.  While our accident attorneys work hard to provide quality service to each of our clients in their cases, we have also added the Client Advocate to help accomplish these goals.  That is why we have Paralegal, Kara Irvin, to act as your Client Advocate within our law firm regarding your accident or injury case.

So the next reasonable question to ask is: What will the Client Advocate do for me?  The short answer is that the Client Advocate will accept your phone call when you call the law firm even when you are unable to reach the accident attorney or paralegal assigned to your case.   In the event that the your Advocate is not available to speak with you when you call in simply leave a message and she will return phone calls between 11-12 a.m. and between 4-5 p.m.  Your Client Advocate is charged with getting a return phone call to you within 24 hours of you leaving a message with her or our law firm.  In the event that you do not receive a phone call back from the Client Advocate within 24 hours, simply call our law firm and request to have an in person or telephonic phone conference with the Client Advocate, the attorney assigned to your case or the paralegal assigned to your case and our receptionist will set that appointment for you during that phone call.  So what are some of the other things a Client Advocate can do for you?

The Client Advocate’s duties include:

  1. As noted above, responding to your client problem/issue or complaint within 24 hours;
  2. Talking with any client that is not satisfied with what is happening in their case or is not satisfied with the services being provided to them by our law firm;
  3. Your advocate is charged with taking steps to fully investigate any problem/issue or complaint and to work hard to remedy any of your client concerns;
  4. Doing client surveys to make sure that your law firm, Howell and Christmas LLC, are meeting or exceeding your needs and expectations.
  5. Responding to client complements and making sure that they are received by our accident attorneys, paralegal and staff.

Your Client Advocate is Paralegal, Kara Irvin.  She has been with the law firm of Howell and Christmas for over 10 years and is a valued and trusted part of our team.  Kara has direct access to all lawyers in our firm and at all hours of the day to enable her to address any client problems, issues or complaints and work to resolve them in a timely manner.  It is also very important to note that Kara will keep confidential anything that you tell her about your case.  Kara can be reached at 844-334-0044 (She can also receive e-mail at  In the event that you call after business hours, please advise our answering service that you have a specific urgent client need and ask that Kara be contacted by the service so that she can address your needs at that time.

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