Client Bill Of Rights

Our law firm believes that as our client you have the:

1. Right to talk to your law firm within 24 hours of calling us. If your call is not returned within 24 hours then you have the right to schedule the first available in person or telephone appointment to speak with us.

2. Right to make the final decision to either settle or try your case.

3. Right to know the good and the bad about your case.

4. Right to expect professionalism from our lawyers, paralegals and anyone who works at our firm.

5. Right to have our lawyers and staff to give you the respect you deserve.

6. Right to have your case and legal rights explained to you in down to earth terms without a bunch of legal jargon and language.

7. Right to prompt attention from us.

8. Right to a fee that is fair for the work we do.

9. Right to have your fee agreement with our firm in writing and upon request to have a copy of same.

10. Right to be reasonably kept informed as to the status and progress of your case and to be given same in a timely manner.

The Code of Ethics is a higher standard of conduct by which all attorneys are governed. Our law firm believes that as attorneys we must work and live by these ethics in all that we say and do. While there are many rules of ethics that lawyers live by there is one that we think you should know of right off the bat:

CLIENT CONFIDENTIALITY (Also known as the attorney-client privilege). This means that a lawyer, or any member of his or her staff, cannot reveal most things you say or show to your lawyer. Importantly, this duty of confidentiality applies even if you only talked with a lawyer and communicated certain information even if you do not hire him or her. There are exceptions such as someone who reveals something illegal such as a scheme to defraud or give perjured testimony.

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