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Patients have the right to receive professional care from medical providers and can take legal action if a provider fails to live up to their obligations. A Georgetown medical malpractice lawyer can help if you or a loved one received health care in Georgetown that harmed you.

At Howell & Christmas, our injury attorneys have the legal background and advanced knowledge that you need in complex malpractice cases. With more than three decades of combined experience representing injured patients, we can help with every step of your malpractice case so you get the compensation that you deserve. Call or contact us online today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about the legal services we offer.

Compensation for Georgetown Medical Malpractice

Doctors and other care providers must be financially responsible for any economic and compensatory damages that they cause by their negligence. This includes payment for:

  • Medical treatments that are necessary because of the mistakes the physician made
  • Lost income/wages that result if your malpractice injuries result in time off work or make working impossible
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Wrongful death if medical negligence is fatal

To recover compensation for these losses, you need to show that the problems you experienced were caused by medical negligence. This means proving that no reasonable physician would have made the errors your physician made. These errors might include:

  • Surgical mistakes such as leaving an instrument inside a patient or operating on the wrong patient. According to a comprehensive Johns Hopkins study, these kinds of mistakes happen as often as 4,000 times annually.
  • Diagnostic errors, including misdiagnosis or delaying the diagnosis of medical conditions. Twenty-six to 63 percent of all malpractice claims against primary care doctors arise from diagnostic errors.
  • Lack of skill in performing procedures, which recent studies suggest accounts for nine out of 10 mistakes in routine medical procedures that lead to malpractice claims.

A Georgetown medical malpractice lawyer can help patients gather necessary evidence to prove a malpractice claim so they can be fully and fairly compensated for all injuries.

Focus on Recovery

When you are a victim of malpractice, you can receive compensation by filing a lawsuit and proving in court that the provider’s unreasonably poor quality care was the direct cause of harm to you. An experienced Georgetown medical malpractice lawyers can assist you in making your case to a jury.

Many malpractice cases are resolved outside of court, even after a lawsuit has been filed and the case has begun moving forward. A settlement occurs when the malpractice insurer agrees to pay a set amount in exchange for the injured patient signing a waiver of liability. Once you accept a settlement and sign an agreement, you are no longer able to sue or obtain additional compensation for malpractice.

A Georgetown medical malpractice attorney at Howell & Christmas can help you negotiate a settlement or prove your claim. From finding expert witnesses to testify about what went wrong to dealing with the malpractice insurer or the courts, you can trust our legal professionals to provide competent representation.

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