Isle of Palms Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

When an employee is injured on the clock, their medical bills should be taken care of and they should be awarded disability or workers’ compensation. When that does not happen, or when the insurance company refuses to handle the claim fairly, an attorney can be an injured worker’s best ally. Getting the benefits you deserve should not be stressful. Experienced personal injury attorneys can handle your claim so you can focus on recuperating.  Isle of Palms workers’ compensation lawyers are happy to address the kinds of benefits available after an injury at work. Local attorneys have dedicated their careers to fighting on behalf of injured workers and their families.

Legal Support for Injured Workers

Injuries that occur in the workplace often entitle employees to make a workers’ compensation claim. If someone hast to miss work to recover from their injury, they may also be entitled to the income they are missing.

These are examples of incidents that may result in compensable workplace injuries:

  • Manufacturing accidents
  • Shoulder injuries after repetitive work
  • Back injuries after picking up heavy materials
  • Car accidents that injure delivery drivers
  • Construction site accidents
  • Psychiatric stress after witnessing a traumatic event

Any kind of accident that exacerbates or accelerates a pre-existing condition may also be cause for a workers’ compensation claim. Many insurance companies will try to deny the injured person’s claim if they have a pre-existing condition. An Isle of Palms workers’ compensation lawyer can ensure individuals get the compensation they deserve.

Pursuing Compensation for Injuries

After being injured at work, many people worry about their costs accruing. Medical bills, physical therapy appointments and time off work can hit the wallet hard. Workers’ compensation insurance exists to safeguard those injured on the job. The insurance can provide for the medical and financial needs of employees. It is an individual’s legal right to file a workers’ compensation claim after an accident. These claims need to be filed quickly, as there are limitations on the time frame for such claims. Employees often feel guilty about filing a claim. They shouldn’t buy into the guilt – employers have insurance for this precise reason.

Insurance companies will look for any reason to deny a workers’ compensation claim. Even the most clear-cut, obvious claim can be mishandled by the insurance company. Often times, the insurance company will delay payment even though prompt medical care is required. Delays and outright denial of benefits often occur when insurance companies want the injured worker to pursue compensation elsewhere, like their group medical insurance. Do not get discouraged by their tactics. An Isle of Palms workers’ compensation lawyer can help potential clients receive the recovery they deserve.

Speaking with a Isle of Palms Work Injury Lawyer

Helping people get the compensation they deserve is what Isle of Palms workers’ compensation lawyers do best. Contact a local attorney to discuss the legal and financial ramifications of your workplace injury with a dedicated, determined attorney. They hate seeing workers taken advantage of and love going to bat for them and are happy to answer any questions you and your family might have.

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