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We know how hard you work to support your family. As a result, when you suffer an on-the-job injury or employment-related illness, the consequences can be devastating, physically, emotionally, and financially. In some cases, severe workplace injuries can lead to death, which can leave your family without a crucial source of financial support.

Workers’ compensation benefits are available to South Carolina workers and their families when a work-related injury or illness occurs. However, filing and pursuing such a claim can be difficult. Therefore, getting the advice and counsel of an experienced attorney from Howell & Christmas is advisable in these situations. We are well-equipped to handle your claim and give you the advocacy that you need.

Receiving Benefits

When injured on the job in Kingstree, you may be unable to work for some period of time. This can cause great financial hardship to you and your family, often for a prolonged period of time. Getting financial help for work-related injuries is necessary for many families to survive while the employee is unable to work. These benefits can be used to pay for the following types of expenses:

  • Medical care and treatment
  • Lost wages while off work due to the injury
  • Compensation for disfigurement and loss of limbs
  • Death benefits such as funeral and burial costs

Howell & Christmas fights for the rights of injured workers on a regular basis. As a worker, you have the right to a safe workplace.  Don’t attempt to handle the complexities of your case on your own. Allow us to take on the stress of handling your claim while you focus on recuperating from your injuries.

Assistance with Your Claim

The laws regarding workers’ compensation can be complicated, and there are certain deadlines that must be met in order to be eligible for benefits. For instance, notice of an employee’s injury while on the job must be given to the employer within 90 days of it occurring.

Likewise, an injured worker or surviving family members of a deceased worker in Kingstree must bring a claim for compensation within two years, or the claim may be denied. If these deadlines are not successfully met by a worker, then the worker may not be eligible for benefits.

In this type of situation, you need a skilled and knowledgeable lawyer who is accustomed to handling these types of claims. Your Howell & Christmas lawyer can ensure that you meet all relevant deadlines and work toward resolving your claim.

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Howell & Christmas will investigate any potential claims that you may have, evaluate any such claims, and explore all options for relief that may be available to you. By working closely with you, we will help you decide upon the course of action that is right for you and your family. Contact our office today for a FREE consultation, and learn how we may be able to guide you through the often complex world of workers’ compensation claims.

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