Moncks Corner Workers Compensation Lawyer

The workers’ compensation program was created in order to provide protection to both employees and employers from personal injury lawsuits, which are both time-consuming and very costly for all parties involved. This is the case no matter who or what caused or was responsible for the accident that led to a worker’s on-the-job injury or illness. Workers’ compensation benefits offer financial support to sick or injured workers who need compensation for their medical bills and other expenses that are related to a workplace injury or illness.

While the workers’ compensation system was designed to be employee-friendly, it can still be complex for workers to navigate successfully. Injured or ill workers and their families in Moncks Corner need timely benefits paid in order to cover medical bills and a lack of income while they are unable to work. At Howell & Christmas a knowledgeable, experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can assist you in evaluating your workers’ compensation claim, completing the paperwork necessary to file a claim, and obtaining the amount of benefits for which you qualify.

Covering Long-Term and Permanent Disabilities

Workers’ compensation is not intended only to assist workers with temporary or short-term injuries, but also if the injury or illness ultimately results in permanent injury or medical condition that is permanently disabling. In the case of a long-term or permanent injury or illness, a worker may be entitled to a one-time lump sum payment from the workers’ compensation system, or periodic payment of long-term benefits, depending on the situation. It is the nature of the injury or illness that determines what sorts of benefits are available to a worker, including the amount and duration of those benefits. In the case of a long-term illness or injury, a worker’s compensation case becomes even more complex and proving entitlement to adequate compensation for a worker’s needs can be difficult; the facts of each case will determine the outcome and entitlement to benefits. In this situation, a workers’ compensation attorney not only can be helpful, but necessary to a successful resolution of a worker’s claim.

Other Potential Means of Compensation

Howell & Christmas workers’ compensation attorneys will assess your eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits, as well as for other types of benefits for which assistance for your on-the-job injury or illness may be available. Most of the time, these benefits are limited to those who have suffered an injury or illness that leaves them permanently impaired. These benefits can include:

  • Social Security Disability benefits
  • Supplemental security income (SSI)
  • Medicare or Medicaid benefits
  • Employer-sponsored short and long-term disability benefits

Eligibility for some of these benefits depend on a worker’s household income, the nature and extent of the injury or illness, the expected duration of the medical condition, and other similar factors.

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Workers’ compensation claims can be complicated, yet can be crucial to a family’s livelihood when a worker is injured while on the job in. By seeking eligibility for not only Moncks Corner workers’ compensation benefits, but other benefits programs, as well, your workers’ compensation attorneys can assist you in qualifying for and obtaining the financial benefits that you need while you recover from your injuries, or, in some cases, for the rest of your life. With Howell & Christmas on your side, your interests will be well-represented. Contact us today, and schedule a consultation with one of our workers’ comp attorneys.

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