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Suffering a work injury can be traumatic and the aftermath can be a frightening time. When your injury causes expensive medical bills to pile up, you may worry about who is going to cover the costs. Injuries and workplace illnesses can also prevent you from working, making a bad financial situation even worse.

Fortunately, workers are protected from financial loss. Workers’ compensation benefits are available to almost all employees who become injured or sick because of their work responsibilities.

Despite the laws protecting workers, sometimes getting benefits can be difficult because employers and insurers don’t want to pay when they should. Howell & Christmas represents injured workers throughout Mount Pleasant and surrounding areas. Our Mount Pleasant workers’ compensation lawyers can help you pursue your claim or resolve disputes over benefits so you can get the money you need for your personal injury. En Español.

Your Workers’ Comp Rights

Injured workers who get sick or hurt on the job should be entitled to:

  • 100 percent coverage of all medical costs and treatment expenditures
  • Lost income for missed work time
  • Temporary total or partial disability benefits when working is impossible or when your earning potential is reduced by your injury or illness
  • Permanent total or partial disability benefits if you never recover and return to your prior job

Death benefits are also available to dependents whose loved ones lose their lives as a result of a workplace injury or a workplace illness.

Both injury and death benefits are available regardless of negligence. It doesn’t matter if an employer followed every workplace safety regulation, or if a worker got hurt because of a mistake he made on the job. Any time an injury occurs because of work duties or tasks required by employers, the injured worker should be covered. This includes situations when:

  • An accident on or off the job site causes injury
  • Repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel develop as a result of work tasks
  • Overexertion injuries such as a hernia occur because of work duties
  • Illness is caused by exposure to lead, mold, asbestos or any other toxins or hazardous chemicals at work

If you can prove that you were harmed because of your job, you or a Mount Pleasant workers’ compensation lawyer on your behalf can make a workers’ compensation claim.

Hiring a Mount Pleasant Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

While workers’ compensation laws exist to ensure that no worker faces financial losses because of an on-the-job illness or injury, employers and insurers do not always follow the letter of the law.

There are times when workers are denied coverage for injuries that they should receive benefits for, and situations where employers and insurers unfairly try to limit a worker’s rights. For example:

  • Your work injury claim may be unfairly denied.
  • You may be forced back to work before you are healed so your employer can avoid disability benefits.
  • You may be unfairly terminated from your job as a result of making a workers’ compensation claim.
  • Your wages may be underestimated or incorrectly calculated for purposes of determining wage loss benefits.
  • Legitimate medical treatment costs may be denied.

In these and other situations where an employer or insurer tries to deprive you of benefits you need, it is important you understand your options and get help protecting yourself.
Our Mount Pleasant workers’ compensation lawyer can help with all steps of your work injury claim, from appealing denied benefits to helping you to notify your employer about your injury. Contact us as soon as possible after you have been hurt to schedule your free consultation and learn how we can represent you.

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