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Every year, people in this country die or suffer physical damage in personal injury and wrongful death incidents. Residents of South Carolina are no exception, where motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of these claims. If you’ve sustained serious injuries or losses from any type of accident in Myrtle Beach caused by others, a personal injury lawyer at Howell & Christmas, LLC can petition for fair and just legal compensation.

We have helped thousands of South Carolinians through legal representation that is experienced, proven, and dedicated. We know what is involved in the claims process, from investigating and preserving vital evidence to aggressively negotiating on your behalf with insurance companies. As trial lawyers, we also know how to present convincing arguments in the courtroom where we have won major victories totaling millions of dollars for clients.

Our firm’s attorneys share more than three decades of concentrated legal experience in South Carolina personal injury and wrongful death law. Our success has resulted in top ratings from Avvo and Martindale-Hubbell, national organizations which review lawyers and law firms. Our professional memberships include admittance to the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, which only invites trial lawyers who have won settlements and verdicts in that dollar range and above. These recognitions demonstrate the level of service and legal competence our firm brings to every individual we represent.

How to File an Injury Lawsuit in Myrtle Beach

From the moment you contact us about your potential claim, our firm will go to work on your behalf to build a strong case. We’ll help you get the medical treatment you need and pursue the compensation you deserve for injury-related expenses, lost wages or income, vehicle property damage, pain and suffering. You will not have to deal with insurance company representatives who may try to get you to settle for far less than you deserve, after which you will be required to sign away your legal rights for future action.

Your injuries or losses may have occurred through a motor vehicle accident or another scenario, such as through medical malpractice, the use of a defective product, premises liability, dog bites, nursing home abuse, or some other type of accident. Traffic accidents lead the list for personal injury and wrongful death cases, all of which hinge on establishing the negligence and liability of the other party. Per the U.S. Census, South Carolina’s 2009 traffic crash fatality rate stood at 1.8 per 100 million miles traveled, one of the higher rates in the nation. Statistics generated by most state and federal agencies show that the primary contributing factor in both fatal and non-fatal road accidents consists of drivers. Negligent drivers may be inattentive, impaired by alcohol or drugs, distracted, fatigued, or in violation of traffic laws.

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You should never expect an insurance company to work in your best interests. You need skilled legal representation from a firm that will fight forcefully on your behalf – a firm that is working for you and you alone. Our legal team is prepared and ready to serve you. We offer a free, no-obligation case consultation to help you get started. To facilitate that, we will meet you in your home or hospital room and during weekends or after hours. Take advantage of our proven track record and commitment to client service in Myrtle Beach. Contact us to schedule your appointment today.

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