Client Pledge

South Carolina accident lawyers, Howell & Christmas, LLC, proudly offer you a “No Fee Client Pledge.”  So what does that mean?  No lawyer can ethically promise or guarantee results of the outcome of your case and neither can we.  However, our firm is so committed to client satisfaction, personal attention and quality work that we give you Our Personal Guarantee.  If you are not one-hundred percent (100%) satisfied with how we have handled your accident case and with how we treat you and your family during the first thirty days after hiring our firm, you can take your accident file with no attorneys fees, no costs and no questions asked.

So you might be asking, why do you offer a No Fee Client Pledge?  Having worked for clients who have been seriously injured in accidents since the 1990’s, attorneys Lad Howell and Gary Christmas, understand that some clients have fears, anxiety and general concern about what will happen in their accident and injury case.  We have learned through listening to our clients that this fear an anxiety sometimes stops them from learning their rights from an attorney as early as they could have after having their accident.  It is our strong opinion that the best time to hire an accident attorney is just after the accident has occurred so that there is are better opportunities to preserve evidence, capture testimony from eye witnesses and help smooth out little problems that can become bigger problems down the road.

With the above in mind, Howell and Christmas, LLC, has been offering a “No Fee Client Pledge” for over ten (10) years now and with great success.  Our Pledge allows our law firm to engage those clients who have fears and reservations about their case and help them overcome these obstacles so that they can have an earlier start at pursuing their accident and injury claims than they would if they continued to let their reservation and fears keep them from taking action sooner.  No two cases are the same, however, one common denominator is that acting early can make a real difference in your case.

So if you have been in a serious accident in South Carolina call one of our seasoned accident lawyers today to learn your rights.  The initial consultation is free and with our No Fee Client Pledge, you have absolutely nothing to loose by meeting one of our experienced injury attorneys to help you decide what is best for you with your accident case.  Call Howell & Christmas now at (844) 334-0044.

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