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If you recently suffered an injury in an accident, you may not realize the legal options available to you. When a person’s negligent behavior causes injury to another, the victim can sue the party responsible for their injuries. If you are interested in learning more about a legal claim, then contact an Orangeburg personal injury lawyer.

An experienced personal injury attorney can answer the questions you may have regarding the process of filing a personal injury claim. Contact a legal advocate that can help you deal with insurance companies and seek compensation.

Before Filing a Lawsuit

According to South Carolina Civil Code Section 15-3-530, most personal injury victims must file their cases within three years of the accident that led to their injuries.

For example, if a car accident victim sustains an injury in the wreck, they would have three years from the date of the crash to file their lawsuit against the at-fault driver. There are some exceptions to this law, but usually, this three-year deadline applies.

Before filing a lawsuit, the victim must determine who was responsible for their accident. State law allows accident victims to sue when the other party’s negligence caused their injuries.

An Orangeburg personal injury lawyer can help victims discover who is liable for their injuries and other damages.

Proving a Victim’s Damages

After filing the lawsuit in court, a victim must prove what damages, or harms, they suffered because of the other party’s negligence. Returning to the above car accident example, the victim likely suffered physical injuries that required medical treatment.

Their pain and suffering, medical bills, and related expenses are financial harms they suffered due to someone else’s bad behavior. Once a victim proves the harms they suffered, they can seek compensation for those damages. Calculating damages is a critical and often complex step in any personal injury case.

Given the complexities of these types of cases, injured parties should consider reaching out to an experienced Orangeburg personal injury attorney rather than handling matters alone.

Award Amounts in Personal Injury Cases

As mentioned above, the harms an injured victim suffers determine the financial compensation they seek in a lawsuit. Most often, victims seek actual damages, or compensation for their actual financial losses, such as medical expenses or lost wages.

In cases where the at-fault party’s negligence was especially outrageous, the victim may pursue punitive damages.

These damages are designed to punish the responsible party for engaging in such egregious misconduct. Regardless of the type of damages a victim seeks, the award they could win through the lawsuit depends on their unique situation. A seasoned Orangeburg personal injury lawyer can provide a victim with reasonable expectations related to their award amount, based on their legal knowledge and experience.

How an Orangeburg Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Accident victims often have to cope with extreme financial burdens related to the accident. This is unfair to victims who are suffering due to someone else’s negligence. State law allows victims to sue, seeking financial relief in court. To learn more about the compensation you may be entitled to, call an Orangeburg personal injury lawyer now. Working with a skilled personal injury attorney can alleviate some of the stress that filing a claim may bring, allowing you to focus on recovering from your injury.

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