Elaine Redfearn


250 Mathis Ferry Road
Suite 102
Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina 29464


Elaine Redfearn serves as paralegal, client liaison and newsletter manager for the law firm of Howell & Christmas. She has fifteen years of experience as a paralegal in real estate law and personal injury law, and a rich background providing care for those who are injured.

Ms. Redfearn attended the University of South Carolina and earned an undergraduate degree in Psychology. While in college, she worked at the State House for Senator Jack Lindsey, who was one of South Carolina’s most powerful lawmakers for nearly 30 years. Later, she attended Hunter College in New York City, where she earned her master’s degrees in both Hospital/Business Administration and Clinical Social Work. Ms. Redfearn worked as a Social Worker in New York City running programs for clients with mental illnesses, working with abused and battered women and children and working with the criminally insane. After leaving New York City, she moved to Rome, Italy to study the Italian language and Italy’s mental health system. Upon returning to the States she worked as a therapist for five years with the children in the low country region.

Raised in Chesterfield, South Carolina, Ms. Redfearn’s father was an attorney for over fifty years. Elaine Redfearn is an extremely compassionate individual with a talent for listening and understanding others. She makes sure that our clients understand everything happening in their case and are fully informed about the strategy we pursue on their behalf.

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