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When a medical provider makes your health worse by providing substandard care, you have legal rights. A medical malpractice lawyer can assist you in making a claim to recover compensation for all losses the provider causes.

While the law allows you (or a family member in the case of death) to be compensated for medical bills, lost income, emotional distress, or pain and suffering caused by a health care practitioner, it is up to you to pursue your claim. You have a limited period of time to act and there are many legal steps to take to make a malpractice claim in Summerville. Call Howell & Christmas today to schedule your free consultation and get your case started.

Patients Have Legal Rights When Receiving Medical Care

As a patient, you have many legal rights when you undergo medical care or treatment. For example:

  • You have the right to expect reasonable quality care. The provider must treat you with the skill that a reasonable provider with the same background would offer under the same circumstances.
  • You have the right to give informed consent to any medical procedure that you undergo. A doctor or care provider cannot operate on you or provide treatment without permission.
  • You have the right to an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment in line with accepted medical practices. Misdiagnosis is the leading cause of malpractice claims against primary care doctors, and it is fatal in between 15 and 48 percent of cases.
  • You have the right to a clean hospital that has reasonable procedures designed to protect patient safety.

These are just some of the obligations that doctors, clinics and hospitals have to all patients who are provided with treatment. When a care provider falls short of fulfilling any professional obligations, contact an attorney to determine whether to take legal action.

Compensation Is Available

When a clinic or care provider fails to live up to any legal obligations, you can file a civil lawsuit for personal injury or for the wrongful death of a family member. It is up to you to file the lawsuit in the appropriate court and to prove your malpractice case. To do this, you must show that the care provider’s actions fell short of what a reasonable provider would have offered.

Proving a malpractice case can be challenging and you need an attorney not only with experience, but also with an established network of experts that can review your medical records and identify the problems that exist. At Howell & Christmas, our medical malpractice lawyers have more than 30 years of combined experience handling injury claims in the Summerville area. We can investigate the actions your physician took, put together your case, and negotiate a settlement with the insurer or fight for compensation in court on your behalf.

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Medical malpractice cases present many challenges since understanding the consequences of medical mistakes requires a detailed comprehension of proper medical protocols and of the impact of how medical mistakes affect the body. It is important to have a lawyer who can explain these complex concepts to a jury.

To speak with a compassionate medical malpractice lawyer with the knowledge you need to make a strong case, contact Howell & Christmas today to schedule your free consultation and learn more about how we can help you.

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