Howell and Christmas Visionary Scholarship Winners

The law firm of Howell & Christmas takes pride in helping support future lawyers through a $1,000 award provided to one high achieving student pursuing a career in the legal field. The following are the yearly award winners. For more information on the scholarship or how to apply, visit our scholarship page here.

2017 Award Winner: Joseph Capobianco

Joseph Capobianco was born and raised on Long Island where he quickly gained an interest in a variety of topics and subjects; ranging from basketball to the law to chess to politics to trombone to astronomy. Looking to escape Long Island, the small town kid moved to Washington, D.C. where he quickly adjusted to everyone using “y’all,” and everyone telling him he had a heavy New York accent. Right now, Joe is completing his senior year at The George Washington University, majoring in Political Science. He plans on following his passion for the law to its fullest extent and attend law school next semester.

Joe’s Reaction: “I’d say I’m extremely happy to have received the award. I think it’s a fantastic thing Howell and Christmas have done in offering this scholarship. As a future law school student looking to finance the enormous cost of law school, the money sure goes a long way.”

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